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Holistic Nursing Services

Reiki/Energy Balancing
Medical Cannabis Consulting
Essential Oil, Sound & Light Therapy 

What is a Holistic Nurse?

Mind-body-spirit ~ self-care  ~  empowered health   ~  healing  ~  wellness-focused  ~  whole person  ~ life experience  ~  peace  ~  recovery  ~  self-responsibility

If these words resonate with you, you already know what you're looking for in health care - a focus on you, not just your disease or symptoms.  A Holistic  Nurse is a fully credentialed Registered Nurse with additional specialized training in mind-body therapies. 

Holistic nurses are legally licensed nurses who use nursing knowledge, theories, expertise and intuition to recognize and care for the totality of the human being... Holistic nurses nurture wholeness, peace and healing by valuing each person's physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and environmental strengths and challenges and honoring each person’s values, health beliefs and health experience. The condition of the whole person is taken into account during the nurse's assessment, diagnosis, planning, intervention and evaluation of the results. 

Holistic nurses use holistic principles and modalities... to remove the barriers to the healing process and create a space within and around themselves that allow them to be instruments of healing as they share their authenticity, caring presence and nursing skills to facilitate the birth, growth, recovery or end-of-life transition with all people who need their care. 

Holistic nurses work in all healthcare settings including hospitals, universities and private practices. ... [and] help individuals and groups access their greatest healing potential across mainstream and complementary systems. 

With a small but growing number of Holistic Nurses in Canada, Holistic Nursing Services was established to provide accessible & affordable holistic nursing care to people in Southern Ontario.  

American Holistic Nurses Association
Canadian Holistic Nurses Association

Affordable & Accessible


Compassionate, person-centred counselling for individuals experiencing stress, depression, anxiety, loss, trauma, pain, addictions & psychosis.  

Your counselling sessions are uniquely enhanced through the use of  sound, light, energy & essential oil therapies  personalized for your needs
(included at no additional cost).

"I will listen deeply to your story,

I will support the unfolding of your life's journey.

I will encourage your inner wisdom & optimal health.

I am a Holistic Nurse."

Energy Balancing

Emotional, physical & spiritual dis-ease often have roots in subtle imbalances of energies.  

Optimize your body's own healing power through energy balancing. 

Sessions include chakra balancing, personalized essential oils, therapeutic use of sound & colour light.  

 "Healing involves the physical, mental, spiritual & social processes that support recovery, repair, renewal & transformation of the self toward integration, balance, wholeness & coherence (Mariano, 2015).  

Medical Cannabis Consulting

It is our goal to educate individuals with the most accurate, evidence-based information about the medical use of cannabis.

For those who choose to include cannabis products as part of their wellness plan, we offer education, guidance & monitoring. 

Personalized consultations
& group education available.

We do not prescribe
or carry cannabis products.

Follow the science, not the ideology. Adapted from B. Obama

Tanya Lysiak, RN, BScN, MSc

Registered Nurse

Tanya is a Registered Nurse with a Master of Science degree & Bachelor of Science in Nursing. She has worked with people experiencing psychosis, anxiety, depression & trauma for over 27 years. 

As an Assistant Clinical Professor, Tanya has educated hundreds of health care providers & has also published & presented internationally.

She is a member of the American Holistic Nurses Association, Centre for Reiki Research & holds a Certificate in Medical Cannabis Nursing.

Reiki Master

Tanya's nursing practice is aligned with theorists who view the person as an open energy system, continuously interacting with the environment.  

Health is an expression of those interactions, and is viewed as a continuum -beginning with subtle energy changes that can manifest to significant physical or mental

Tanya has studied the science and art of health & healing and uses the evidenced-based Japanese technique of Reiki to balance energies.

She holds Master level certification for people, as well as for animals. 

For holistic pet care, please visit us at

Trained as a classical pianist, Tanya understands the therapeutic benefits of music & sound healing.

Additional holistic healing techniques include the therapeutic application of essential oils and colour light therapy.  

Her Story

Tanya is a devoted "Fur Parent" to Golden Retrievers. 

When her 10 week old puppy was diagnosed with an aggressive & fatal cancer, conventional surgery and medicine did its best but held no hope for his survival beyond 8 weeks and recommended preparing for his death.  

Unwilling to give up, she was astounded at the success of a naturopathic vet, who utilized herbs, energy healing & diet to allow his body to heal from the brink of death. Hudson did indeed heal and is celebrating 8 years cancer free. 

This has inspired her work with naturopaths, healers & her Reiki practice with animals,

In her quest to examine the potential benefits of traditional healing methods, Tanya has studied cultural interpretations of illness & traveled to healing meccas of Egypt, Tibet, China & Cambodia. 

With Tanya, you are assured of an open-minded, compassionate therapeutic relationship.  

Her background makes her particularly attuned to Health Care Provider & First Responder stress.

How Can a Holistic Nurse Help Me?

Feeling anxious about upcoming surgery?

We can talk about the impact of surgery on your life, teach you some techniques to reframe your anxiety, offer Reiki for deep relaxation before your surgery & after surgery to support healing, 

Suffer from insomnia or chronic pain?

We will explore the possible roots of your sleeplessness, and develop a plan together that may include cognitive behavioural therapy, nutrition, mindfulness, Reiki, therapeutic use of essential oils & sound, and options for pain control.   

Hearing voices? 

Voice hearing is about as common as being left-handed and can have many roots, including trauma, bereavement, sleep deprivation, substance misuse, and mental illness. 

We will explore the roots of your voices, the impact on your life & the meaning of those voices. Together, we will develop management strategies and discuss the role of lifestyle and overall health. We can also help with navigating the mental health care system, advocating for your needs, & understanding mental health law and conventional psychiatric treatments.


There are numerous holistic options here including support with pain control, anxiety, depression, immunity and optimal  nutrition. Reiki has well documented benefits on pain control, well-being and profound relaxation. We can also answer your questions about the role of medical cannabis in managing side effects of conventional cancer treatment & sort through the science and the myths. 

Preparing for transition to death?

Palliative care is where holistic nursing can be exceptionally helpful. Anxiety, pain, unresolved issues, fear, confusion & spiritual distress can be part of dying. 

Holistic nursing can work with patients, families & health care providers to support a peaceful, dignified transition. 

We can develop a plan for counselling, Reiki, essential oils, music, pain control & spiritual support. 

Contact us to arrange  "at the bedside" treatments for you or your loved one. 

Having a baby? 

Reiki & therapeutic use of sound can be part of your birth plan to assist in focusing, calming and reducing perceptions of pain and anxiety. 

Reiki is safe for use with moms and babies - many women have reported decreased stress & calming effects with Reiki.

Contact us to arrange in-home treatments.

Want to live your best life & maintain your wellness?

Experts tell us that the roots of illness often first appear energetically through very subtle changes. You are doing your best with a healthy diet, activity and stress management, but you may experience some vague, minor concerns on occasion, and wish to bring yourself back into balance and optimal health. In conventional medicine, vague transient concerns such as fatigue, poor concentration, or mild anxiety may be met with a "wait and see" approach or "we are all stressed out - it's just a fact of life".   If you want more, visit a Holistic Nurse to review options for bringing your mind, body and spirit back into balance. 

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