What to Expect

Your Holistic Nursing Appointment

You will be warmly welcomed and encouraged to relax comfortably in our peaceful healing space with essential oils, sound & coloured light. 


You are the focus and are encouraged to talk about anything that is of concern to you in this judgment-free space. A history will be obtained and relevant assessments conducted. Please bring information about any current diagnoses, treatments/therapies. For Reiki clients, your energy balancing session will contribute to the assessment. 


Together, we will review your assessment and develop a personalized plan for you to address your concerns through mind, body, spirit & energy strategies. 



We may decide together to focus on counseling, which has numerous benefits including improved insight & self-awareness, more satisfying relationships, improved functioning, mental health, quality of life and goal achievement. Anxiety, depression, trauma, psychosis and stress can be helped through various psychotherapeutic modalities and mind-body therapies.

We can review your conventional medical treatments and offer unhurried health education and  options for managing your concerns through  therapies that complement your conventional medical treatments.

Reiki is an excellent complement to all conditions  and treatments, and can be used for pain management, anxiety, trauma, stress reduction, support with conventional cancer treatments and illness prevention. We personalize sounds, essential oils and light during this profoundly relaxing and healing therapy.

For those who choose to use cannabis therapeutically as part of their holistic wellness plan, we provide education about the various components, strains, methods of use and expected outcomes. 

Follow Up

After your session, we will take a few minutes to evaluate your response and summarize your holistic treatment plan. It is important to follow through with your plan and subsequent sessions. 

If there are barriers, please bring these forward so we can address them together. Barriers are simply opportunities to climb higher and see the whole picture more clearly.

Confidentiality & Personal Health Information 

We protect your personal health information as required in the Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA). PHIPA permits the sharing of health care information to your health care team to promote effective and efficient care; however you have the right to withhold or withdraw your consent at any time. Exceptions include disclosing pertinent health information in the provision of emergency care or to address risk to yourself or others.  


We value affordable and accessible holistic health care and aim to keep fees as low as possible. Payment is due at the time of your session by cash, cheque or e-transfer. Receipts can be submitted for federal income tax purposes as a professional nursing service.


We honour each others’ time and commitment. Please provide at least 24 hours notice for cancellations, otherwise a cancellation fee may be applied.

A comfortable, professional healing space.

A comfortable, professional healing space.